Online Child Safety


Do you worry about who your teenager is chatting with online? Do you worry that your school-age child will accidentally stumble upon a pornography site while trying to do their homework? Regardless of whether you’re looking to record and monitor Iinternet activity, record instant message / IMs (chats), block porn / adult content or other unsuitable web sites, or just keep an eye on a loved one, our technicians can help you protect your loved ones from accessing information on the internet you don’t want them to.
If you own a computer or have children or teenagers in your home, then Internet filtering software is a must. We come to your home help you purchase, install, and configure Internet filtering software that protects your children from Internet predators, obscene websites, objectionable chat rooms, and more. We then give you a personalized training session on using the software.

Stop worrying about the websites your children are browsing and let our technicians deal with it today.