Medical Practice Management Software

We provide full support and installation of various kinds of medical software.

Medical management software systems includes the following modules: EMR, billing, scheduling, ERx, document management, transcription, order tracking, messaging, website, patient portal and online registration. Web based EMR and Practice Management Solution is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of small and medium-sized practices with specialty-specific templates that further ensure maximum efficiency for your practice.

By combining billing, scheduling and EMR, our clients receive a full-featured practice management software solution for medical practices, medical billing services and large enterprise organizations.


Electronic Medical Billing Software
Using an electronic medical billing software system will ensure that your accounts receivables are always kept up to date, and that billing reminders can be sent out in a timely fashion. Electronic billing is extremely convenient and will provide you with an extra hand to help your business. When you use electronic billing it will reduce the amount of waiting time, save you money on postage, and reduce costly errors.

Electronic Medical Records
Medical Records systems (also known as Electric Health Records, or EHR) have proven to be a far better approach to documentation than conventional, paper-based systems. With an Electronic Medical Records software system, your patient records are always at your fingertips, and are easily accessible through any PC in your office. You can add new notes, make changes and include charts as part of each electronic medical record entry, a process which enables you to keep medical records constantly updated.

Medical Practice Management Software
Medical Practice Management Software offers your practice a flexible application with quick, secure access to operations from anywhere, at any time. Medical practice management software systems helps doctors and medical office managers optimize workflow, track appointments with medical appointment scheduling functions and manage most medical accounting problems. Accessing patient records, medical billing details and electronic patient records is fast and creates immediate efficiencies.

Designed for an office that needs the benefits of an advanced medical practice management solution at an affordable cost, this software is easy to use and easy to learn.

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We provide full support and installation of medical software including:


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